IDASWIND - wind is life

This principle has been valid since the foundation of IDASWIND in 1999 as an independent engineering company in the heart of Berlin. For more than 20 years, IDASWIND has been the reliable partner for national and international clients in the wind energy sector. From the beginning, IDASWIND is active in the development, design and optimization of WT concepts. Since 2016, the analytical verifications for the lifetime extension of WTs 20+ based on load comparisons have also been part of the core competencies. Since the beginning of 2023, IDASWIND is operating within a strong network in the fields of assessment, evaluation and transaction of wind turbines. This network includes well-known industry players such as Engel & Völkers Investment Consulting, Orth Kluth and RE:Solut. IDASWIND sees itself as an engine for wind energy and pushes the development through technical innovations as well as a highly professional portfolio of services and an effective network.

More than 6.000 installed WTs worldwide...

As an experienced engineering company, we know how important the combination of innovation, quality and economic efficiency is for development activities. With our highly qualified team of specialists, we at IDASWIND, together with our clients, realize successful projects and develop complete wind turbines of all power classes as well as their individual components.

More than 550.000 households with electricity from wind...

The importance of lifetime extension of WTG 20+ for the energy turnaround becomes clear when considering that, thanks to our more than 800 verifications of lifetime extension since 2016, households the size of Bremen can continue to be supplied with electricity from wind. We base our expertise on our extensive knowledge in the field of load simulation as well as proven partnerships with experts and consultants.


Develop. Optimize. Implement.

The entire history of wind energy is characterized by innovation. We at IDASWIND have initiated and developed innovative ideas together with customers and partners as well as in-house over the past years. In the future, we want to fulfill this role even more and actively than ever before and play a shapingrole in the energy transition both nationally and internationally.

The CLM is an online monitoring tool that enables plant operators to retrieve on demand information about the structural-mechanical operating age of essential system components.

  • Retrofittable hardware and software module
  • Platform-independent
  • Increased planning reliability

This is a tool for our design partners, enabling them to easily plan and optimizethe operating life for their wind turbines.

  • Intuitive to use
  • Applicable to the site planning process

We also develop software ourselves. For example, our controller tuning tool. The tool is used to optimize the controllers in the models we use to simulate a wind turbine.

  • In-house solution
  • Model-independent

The Multi-Class Concept is a development approach to our turbine designs thatallows new entrants to the turbine manufacturing sector to offer a wide range of solutions based on a narrow product portfolio.

  • Cost-effective software-based solution
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Optimal benefit in combination with LTE tool

We have always stood by our customers and partners, both nationally and internationally, to test new concepts for efficiency and feasibility and to help them implement them.

  • Open-mindedand committed
  • Experiencedand qualified

Consulting. Developing. Manufacturing.

From concept to series production – IDASWIND offers the entire spectrum of know-how for the development of wind turbines and their individual components. Based on the latest technology standards and in close cooperation with our clients, we take care of design and development, certification and, if required, planning of production facilities as well as training and further education of assembly and service personnel.

Whether 30 kW or multi-megawatt class, onshore or offshore – we develop WTs for the national and international market in a site-specific manner, taking into account regional market conditions and local value chains.

  • Individual drive train concepts
  • extensive load simulations
  • high local content
  • Certification Process

In addition to the complete development of entire wind turbines, IDASWIND also offers the design and optimization of individual components and assemblies.
IDASWIND develops and optimizes the following components, among others:

  • Drive train components & main frame
  • Rotor hubs
  • Azimuth bearings as sliding or roller bearing
  • Nacelle Covers
  • Steel, concrete and lattice towers
  • Foundations
  • Lifting gear and assembly aids

We provide certification-compliant strength verifications for extreme and operational loads for all WT components – in compliance with DIBt, DNV-GL, IEC & national regulations.

  • Detailed operational strength verifications using the critical sectional plane method, e.g. for the hub body, the machine carrier and the main shaft including bearings
  • Strength verification of bolted connections according to VDI 2230 and Eurocode 3
  • Strength verification of the hub and nacelle cover in fiber composite construction including securing points (Safety-Eyes)
  • Design and strength verification of the yaw bearing
  • Strength analyses for assemblies such as tower installations, hoists and platforms

We analyze your wind turbine and create a concept to increase the yield. That can, for example, lead to an upgrade or the replacement of individual components. Depending on the location and the geographical conditions on site, the optimization measure will result in an increase in yield and performance and may even reduce noise emissions. Analysis components are:

  • Rotor blades
  • Mainframe
  • Generator control algorithms
  • Control technology medium voltage transformer

IDASWIND is at your side when planning production facilities for an efficient production process.

We take over all analytical and practical measures and prepare your project optimally for the start. Through many years of cooperation with renowned customers, we have a profound expertise in factory planning up to process optimization. Our detailed consultation also includes the purchase of lifting devices and tools.

  • Planning of production lines
  • Design production facilities
  • Development of hoisting equipment

Analyze. Simulate. Define.

Wind energy is an important element in the context of the energy turnaround. In terms of sustainability and the exploitation of all potentials, we support operators with qualified overall expert reports on the lifetime extension of WTs after the expiry of the 20-year operating license. IDASWIND‘s lifetime extension reports provide specific information on the prospects and conditions for a safe further operation of each wind turbine.

The location plays a decisive role for the lifetime extension. The real conditions at the site and the development of the environment during the operating period form the basis for a qualified report on further operation. Based on this data, we evaluate the delta of theory and reality with our procedure.

  • WT-specific site analysis
  • Consideration of structural changes of the location within the operating period
  • Wind and turbulence data

Our many years of experience in the design and development of wind turbines enable us to create generic models as a basis for load comparison. Our precise and detailed models enable us to make additional specific statements on individual components of the wind turbine.

  • Creation of the generic models in-house
  • Wide base of models available

The central element of our process is load comparison. Here we use all of our experience from design and development to generate the highest level of information. Changes in the surrounding wind farm constellation are taken into account as well as downtimes or the replacement of components of the turbine under consideration.

  • Location – design loads
  • Stages of life WEA/ WP
  • Site and system configuration

The result of our in-house developed process, which conforms to guidelines, is a detailed proof of the individual components of your wind turbine. From this, in addition to the pure lifetime extension, preventive activities can also be derived, which exploit additional potential for lifetime extension and indicate future repair and maintenance requirements.

  • Component-related statement about lifetime extension potential
  • Clarity about future repair requirements
  • Basis for a real economic analysis and evaluation of the site

Our certified partners for practical application have many years of experience in the field of testing and repairing wind turbines of all concepts and power classes. We offer a high availability and complete service with the focus on the lifetime extension of the wind turbine.

  • Exclusively certified partners
  • Many years of experience
  • All concepts and performance classes
  • High local availability

Analyze. Evaluate. Realize.

Over time, the technology in wind energy has evolved and there is a wide range of wind turbines for various site conditions. At the same time, the needs of operators have also multiplied. Especially with the expiration of the EEG after 20 years, a multitude of possibilities and questions arise. IDASWIND supports you all theway from analysis to implementation.

Understanding before acting. An individual consideration and a project-specific analysis of your wind energy project provide the basis for optimal economic operation. In addition, the results create planning security.

  • Aktueller Projektstatus
  • Potentiale und Bedarf

Continued operation and PPA or sale. An economic evaluation of your wind energy project, considering the remaining operation time and all relevant factors, shows you your options for action.

  • Value assessment
  • Basis for options

The right strategy is the key to successful decisions. Together with our partners, we support you in all aspects of your wind energy project. This is how you create the basis for long-term success.

  • Overview of the different scenarios
  • Increased planning reliability

In the case of a transaction, there is no substitute for experience – except more experience. In our team we have more than ten years of experience in the field of owner and investor support.

  • Experience and expertise in sales
  • Transaction security

Thanks to our long-standing cooperation with partners and experts with affiliated fields of activity, we are able to provide a wide range of services. Benefit from a strong team.

  • Partners for practical assessment and maintenance
  • Partner for legal advice
  • Partner for commercial and technical management
  • Partner for legal advice, PPA etc.